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Thread: can twighlight hack play backup games

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    Quote Originally Posted by numero1latino View Post
    Will the DVDs read better with a modchip over the loader channel. Audio stutters during video but I guess it could be my crappy media
    yes they do and most DVDs will work and not only "few" of them.

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    Modchips are 1:1 with the original, be it backup or actual

    the programs are new to this month, and they are still very new, many games dont work, poor rates on most, some games work for so long, or work so far, its really a question of what u care more about, getting a modchip for like 50 bucks 100 tops if u get a installer, or waiting out this program to get better, or works perfectly if its even doable, but thats why its such a low number wait it out im sure it will get to be atleast decent

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