Installed it as IOS (only option) after installing HBC via bannerbomb. Wii is new, so it's on 4.2 and I was following messie's guide.
I haven't tried any homebrew games because I wanted to make a backup and then install priiloader first. So what happens is:
1. Wii is turned on, 4GB Sandisk SD card for Wii which had been prepared with BootMii when HBC was installed is inserted. Bannerbomb is still on the card, but I'm not going into the SD menu so I don't think it matters.
2. I open the Homebrew Channel. Only bubbles are there. This is expected.
3. I press the home button on the wiimote.
4. I select the option to open BootMii and press A.
5. Less than a second of the BootMii menu shows up.
6. A black screen shows for less than a second.
7. A blue screen shows briefly -- this is what the television does when there's no input.
8. The black screen with words that appears when the Wii is first turned on shows. At the prompt, I press A and go to the Wii Menu.

I've searched and found:
1. Make sure the BootMii configuration file is set properly. I opened config.ini and it was fine (video setting was NTSC, I am in the US).
2. Make sure there are no gamecube controllers attached when installing. I don't own any gamecube controllers but I removed the two dance pads connected, uninstalled, and reinstalled. Same problem.

While I am new, I believe this doesn't go in Newbie Discussions because I am not "lost" and understand how to follow the instructions, it just doesn't work. My sincerest apologies if this is not so.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.