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Thread: Internet Channel Broken

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    Internet Channel Broken

    So I have a 4.2u softmod running USB Loader GX rev 929 attached to a WD 640 GB external drive. I have never had any issues with any game, be it disc (image), WiiWare or VC, nor have I bricked anything (yet). IOS 36 is trucha signed, 249 is properly unstubbed and replaced, and Priiloader is in place. My internet connection is solid, as I can get online via Forecast, News and Shop Channels fine.

    However, when I launched the internet channel intro that came baked into the Wii from the factory, it froze on a black screen. I uninstalled the channel via Wii settings, then downloaded it again via Shop Channel. (Note that I used Dop-Mii to update Shop Channel, not the update that it forces on you, so I'm in the clear there.) I have done a fair amount of searching both here and the internet, and no one seems to have a solution. The few threads that I have seen on the topic have been closed because the problem "magically" fixed itself after rebooting or whatnot. I found two Internet Channel wads at /www/d/wads/ which has generally been very reliable. The newer version freezes at black, but the older version loads right into the first screen and freezes entirely, maybe five seconds in, pointer and all. I have found various NTSC-U Opera wads through various means and none of them have worked. One wad threw a 1035 error, which I know means something is not trucha'd, but that doesn't make any sense to me, since everything else accepts my trucha'd 36.

    Any help is appreciated. I am fairly proficient in Dop-Mii, Priiloader and all that other dangerous stuff and at this point, so feel free to give me any advice you can come up with. Thanks in advance.

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    Try to update dop-mii again, install the internet channel and update ios55
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    Thanks for the tip. It worked!!


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