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Thread: problem with lacie 320gb

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    problem with lacie 320gb

    i used homebrew to load usb loader g/x, and play my games off of a lacie 320gb hdd. all the games work and all, but about every hour or so, the game suddenly stops working, and i look down because i already know the hdd light is off and needs to be replugged to turn it on again. some games (rarely though) it doesnt do that at all. or atleast for like 8 hours. some games do it like every 30 minuntes. it is nice to have a modded wii, but this is a pain in the ass to keep unplugging, and plugging every x amount of time. i check the compat list and is says its good. so why is it doing this???

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    some USB-HDD has equipped with energy saving/ sleepmode when not read/write for a certain peroid. some games read more often than others....
    is the lacie one of them?


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