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Thread: Music stopping in game

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    Music stopping in game

    Hi everyone,

    The issue here is the music in games periodically stops and then continues. For instance, new super mario bros the background music will stop for a few seconds, and then continue. It does not effect gameplay at all, it is just the music. Mario strikers music just stops during gameplay, and in Just Dance, the music will stop every 7-10 seconds for a second or two. Very frustrating and annoying.
    I use USB loader gx, cios 38 rev 17, hermes cios 222/223. I have used each one to no avail. Also using a WD 600gb elements HD.
    Its very frustrating, having music periodically stop. In mario its the same spots each time. Any help to this would be greatly appreciated

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    Is there a reason why you started this thread when you've already asked (albeit not gotten an answer as yet) this question here? You may "bump" a post/thread once 24 hours has passed.


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