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Thread: burning wii games

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    burning wii games

    k, so im completely knew to this wii hacking thing. Can anyone list all the steps i need to be able to get a wii game burned onto a disk and to be able to play it? I already have the homebrew channel. I also have the game i want in iso format. So now what do i need to do?

    I have 4.2U
    and im COMPLETELY new to this stuff so please exlain everything very basically.

    * One extra question. what is FAT32
    thank you
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    Here's a tutorial on how to burn Wii .isos:

    Its recommended to burn on high quality DVD-R (not +R) at low speeds, if you're wondering why, look here:

    As for FAT32. In simple terms, its a file system or format if you will usually used by Small secondary storage medium. E.g, Flash Drives, SD Cards etc. You could always take a look in WikiPedia:
    File Allocation Table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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