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Thread: Converted Jap wii Problems Help Needed

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    Converted Jap wii Problems help needed

    Basically I have a Jap wii that I converted to pal ages ago.
    Now the problem is with some games when it loads them they just goto a black screen...
    Its on quite a few games, even on games like wii sports.. (even the orginal does not work)
    While games like shauns snowboarding work fine
    So is it a corrupted ios ?

    I installed darkcorp 1.0 but still had the same prob,
    so i removed it then i had problems witht he ios36 not being trucha signed so after alot of messing,
    I have got it renabled again.
    Back to square one, so some advice would be appriciated, I have tried as much as I can to get it going but its just not happening for me.

    Just sorted it had the video settings set to ntsc, changed them to pal
    Everything works through the disc channel have got ciso corps installed.

    But for some reason neither gamma loader nor usb loader are working. ..

    Any one have any suggestions
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    I don#t know, install using ios36, that should fix any/most issue with usbloading
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    Have you tried changing the video setting to Autopatch in usb loader gx? That usually solved my blank screen game problems.


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