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Thread: What kind of really weird problems your wii have (survey)

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    i would only really care if it did something to hurt mah wii lolz

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    Cool usb loader gx

    i'm not sure if this is weird enough. but i can run usb loader gx as a app in hbc but when i install it as a channel it won't run any of the backups. loads up and eveything, looks like it is about to work but fails before the white screen comes up about having room to move you remote. other usb loaders won't run my backups at all. the other wii has everyting installed and working the channels too. i think it's a problem with my cios but i can't reinstall them, when i try to patch up from iso15 to iso36 it fails after the download.

    ok i read up a little and it's sorted. had to reinstall cios249 from the network download
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