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Thread: CustomIOSInstaller2.0 Install Error ret = -2011

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    CustomIOSInstaller2.0 Install Error ret = -2011

    Okay it seems that there are many people out there that has this problem and has been solved. I'm sorry for asking this though its been asked so many times. But I feel this case is more bizarre. So I updated my wii to 4.2u before I found out bout this hacking (BS!). So I've been following this guide to hack it to play back-ups. So here it tells me to uninstall the stub ios249.wad. I try all three packs none succeeding. All them get ret = -1017. So i decide to skip it and go to the Cios install part. I used the network everything download correctly but when it gets to the installing I get ret = -2011. If anyone has advice or another guide please help. Also do DVD+RW work on the wii?

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    Try giving this tutorial a shot instead:

    Continue from Step 3.

    DVD+RW will not work. Its best to use DVD-R (not +R). High quality DVD-R such as Verbatim will reduce media-related errors and won't kill your wii's laser.


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