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Thread: Help With 4.2U wii and USB loader GX r874

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    Help With 4.2U wii and USB loader GX r874

    Hello there, I have had lots of luck with my wii modding in the past as to hardly ever run across a 4.2 wii. However now I have only 1 issue, I have a 4.2u wii that was made in november 2009 so no use in downgrade I know that. I load up the wii and load USb loader GX. I click on a game and most load but a few dont. The main one I am trying with is cooking mama 2. It loads the game and goes to the first screen about securing the strap on your wiimote then freezes and goes to a blank white screen about 10 second later and the wiimote wont show activity.

    I have followed the guide like normal but what could be causing this. I can even get the new super mario to load but its mainly this game and one called balloon pop that my kids are crazy about. Please anyone that can help. I wanted this wii to go into the kids room and I need to get these games working. if there is a custom dol I need to use please direct me or if I might have installed an old ios or something let me know. Thanks any help is appreciated.

    Also same game on the same drive works on my 4.1u wii without issue.
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