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Thread: Video Playback is Slow [Used to work fine]

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    Video Playback is Slow [Used to work fine]

    I often install new cIOS' on my Wii so it may have caused this problem but...Video playback is now slow on my Wii. I load Bleach episodes from my SD card and play them, they used to run fine but now Mplayer CE, GeeXbox, and Mplayer Wii play my videos so slow they're unwatchable. I was wondering if maybe I could have installed something that might have caused this or there's a cIOS that players use to playback video that I overwrote with a less compliant version.

    Please help me .

    EDIT: Never mind apparently it's just my new Bleaches....I guess the guys making them decided on new codecs (Greeeeeaaaaattt...). So I'll just have to re-encode my videos!
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