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Thread: PLZZZZZ HELP!!! USB Loader

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    PLZZZZZ HELP!!! USB Loader

    I got my 4.2U wii soft moded. Came to realize I have a new chipset on my dvd drive so I cant burn and play games. I went out today to buy a external harddive. Its 100Gigs, nothing to big only plan on playing a couple games. When I go to USBloaderCFG with the usb pluged in. It will not read the info says the following...

    FAT32 mount: SD (Standard)
    Mounting device, please wait......
    (30 second timeout)

    Then it count downs and times out.
    ERROR! (ret=-1)
    make sure USB port 0 is used!
    (The nearest one to the edge)

    The port is being used and I also tryed the other port and nothing. I used WBFS manager and turned the ISO. to WBFS. Then loaded it to my external drive and everything said sucess.

    What could be the problem? I tryed everything. I been moding this for 3 days now and really want to start plaiying.

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    I would suggest trying a different USB loader as a first step. I use USB Loader GX and sometimes if I load up the channel to quick after tuning the machine on I get the same error as you I then have to unplug my HDD shutdown the Wii plug it back in turn on the Wii wait 30 seconds run the channel and it loads fine?? I don't know if this is a common but it's always been the same for me using a Seagate Laptop HDD in a cheap USB caddy.

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    what make and model of hdd is it? did you check the guide to make sure its compatible?


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