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Thread: USB loader GX not working

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    USB loader GX not working

    So i went and followed this guide on how to prepare my wii for homebrew stuff, installed cios and a bunch of other things, wad manager ect. Then i went to install USB Loader GX ( The real tool i've been after).

    I installed it, formatted a USB stick to WBFS with WBFS manager, put the game Naruto Shippuden Clash of the Ninja III on it and tried to load it. At first I got this 002 error, so i checked around in the settings and checked the '002 error fix' in the settings menu. Simple enough. Then i went and started the game up and at first it looked like it was going great until it sorta hung after all the precredits and titles that appear before you start the game, and was left hung at a black, blank screen.

    I turned off my wii, looked through the settings again and decided maybe it was an older version and thats why it was doing that, so i clicked 'update usb loader gx', waited for it to finish updated and thats where im stuck at. After i did that it now says that my USB drive is empty and has no games installed on it, even though it clearly has a game on it, Loader GX is saying it has 0 games to load from. I went once again and tried to fool around with the settings, clicked update once again and it said 'please unblock your console' or something simmilar to that message.

    What could be causing this? How can i fix it?

    any help would be appriciated,


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    This happened to me too. It was a while back, so I don't really remember what I did. But I think I just unplugged my drive and plugged it back in and ran usbloader again.
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