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Thread: I need Help Please!

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    I need Help Please!

    I been all over this website and others trying to fix this and nothing is working, i know some people have had this happen and got it to work some reason i cant.

    this is what happen my little brother updated my wii from 3.2u to 4.2u thru the nintendo website update,

    and when i try to do all theses BootMii packages and everything it comes up
    "no vulnerable ios error" during hackmii installation, how can i fix that?

    i have homebrew on my channels but its not loading im guessing because of the update!

    but please someone help me Thanks!

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    You just need to run TBR, to do that click Tutorials at the top and navigate to ShadowSonic2's 4.2 guide. That'll get you through the whole process.
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