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Thread: A guide to syncing Wiimotes for use with Triiforce MRC SS

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    A guide to syncing Wiimotes for use with Triiforce MRC SS

    First, to dispel a myth…You do NOT need to be at the “Health Screen” to do any of this.
    The Main System Menu works just fine.

    The Wii records and remembers the order of the Wiimotes when you first install them.
    It stores this information in a file in the NAND (\shared2\sys\SYSCONF to be exact)**

    It forgets them when you do a “Red-Button, 30 Second” reset, and sometimes for no reason at all, it just gets confused.
    (Usually, when running certain Homebrew APPs, for some unknown reason.)

    If this bothers you to no end, you can perform the steps that follow and put things back in-line.
    I have done this on many Wii's with no problems, provided that there was no pre-existing hardware problem.

    If you cannot get your Wiimote(s) to sync with your Wii at all, this is not going to fix a hardware problem with your equipment!
    Wii's are prone to Bluetooth module failure. (That's why you see Wii Bluetooth modules for sale on Ebay!)

    Also note that Wiimotes can just go bad sometimes.
    If your Wiimote de-sync’s while you are playing a game, you probably need to replace it.

    Before you begin, if you already have Triiforce MRC SS (or any other version) working and you want to stop the Wiimotes from getting de-synced when
    you run the system menu, run Triiforce first and mark them in the order Triiforce sees them.
    This is important because you cannot easily change the sync order in Triiforce.
    It’s much easier to set your Wii System Menu to use the order that Triiforce uses.

    The best thing to do is use a felt-tip pen and write a number on the bottom of each Wiimote.

    Because you will want to always re-sync in the same order or else when you run Triiforce, they will seem confused.

    How come Triiforce will be different?
    Because Triiforce stores the SYSCONF file on the USB/SD Card and you cannot use the "Red-Button 30-Second" reset to change it.
    It will always be the same as it was the day you made the copy of the NAND.

    How do I do this?
    OK, after you have marked your Wiimotes and made sure you have fresh batteries in them, grab the Wiimote you want to be #1 and:

    #1 : Go to the Wii’s Main Menu.

    #2 : Look at your Wiimote and make sure it has a light on.
    (If not, press any button on it.)

    #3 : Open up the small door on the Wii where the SD cardslot is.

    #4 : Press and hold the Red Button in the SD Cardslot area until the light goes off on the Wiimote, then release the Red Button.
    (Can take up to 30 seconds)

    #5 : Open up the battery door on the Wiimote.

    #6 : Press and release the Red Button next to the batteries on the Wiimote. (Do Not Hold It!)

    #7 : Let the Wiimote blink a few times, then press and release the Red Button in the Wii’s cardslot (Do Not Hold It!)

    Watch the Wiimote's LEDs, they should blink a few times, stop for a second, blink a few times more then stop with the LED lit that matches the number you wrote on it.
    (If it does not stop with any LED lit, repeat steps #6 and #7)

    Now you can repeat steps #5 through #7 with the rest of your Wiimotes in the order you wrote on the bottom of them.
    Start at step #5 with all but the 1st Wiimote!

    (**Thanks goes out to ekeeke at the wiibrew forums for the information on SYSCONF)
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    Changing the Wiimote Sequence in Triiforce MRC SS

    All about Wiimotes in Triiforce continuned...

    If you would rather change the sequence of your Wiimotes in the Emulated NAND Triiforce MRC SS uses, all that’s needed is a Hex Editor.
    If you don't know how to use a Hex Editor, this is not for you.

    I'm posting this somewhat techincal information with the hopes that someone (else) will use it to write an app to changes these, instead of doing it manually.
    Everything needed can be found reading

    The absolute locations I show in this example may/will be different on your Wii, but the spacing will always be the same.
    The size of the BT.DINF entry in SYSCONFG is always 1120 bytes (0x460) long, but it can start anywhere inside SYSCONFIG.
    What this means is if you plan on writing an app to set/change them, you need to seek "BT.DINF", not an absolute position in the file!

    To Change/Add Wiimotes for Triiforce MRC SS:

    First, make a backup copy of the existing \shared2\sys\SYSCONF file and put it in a safe place in case you need to restore it later.

    Now, open up the \shared2\sys\SYSCONF file on your SD/USB NAND in a HEX editor and look for the word BT.DINF

    Three bytes after BT.DINF is the byte where it stores the number of Wiimotes attached. (03 in this example)

    The next 6 bytes is the Bluetooth Wiimote address of the #1 Wiimote that Triiforce sees. (00:1D:1D:A7:5B:CE in this example, but yours will be different!)

    The spacing for each of the next Wiimote’s Bluetooth addresses is 70 bytes (0x46), for up to 10 Wiimotes (the maximum allowed).

    Look about 700 bytes (0x2BC) below the first Bluetooth address and you will see the same addresses listed in order again.
    The spacing for these entries is also 70 bytes (0x46)

    You will need to change both of these locations in the same sequence as you want the Wiimotes to work in Triiforce.

    You can add a new Wiimote to the NAND by just adding its information and incrementing the # of attached Wiimotes, instead of making a new copy.

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    Thanks this cured the problem I was having with triforce mrc ss.

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