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Thread: SD Card cannot be read - and I have read the threads

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    SD Card cannot be read - and I have read the threads

    After countless hours of reading this and other sites I thought i was finnaly ready to do my sons wii, a 2 year old machine 3.3U . I even went out and purchased a 2 gb san disk sd card to "be sure" it would go correctly. Well the first problem, well the only problem so far, is that this wii will not read any sd card. The error is "the device inserted in the SD Slot can't be used." I have 2 other cards with photos on them and they get the same message, I have trolled around and formated the card several times with different programs, some recommended here, no luck. It used tp read the cards on the photo channel now nada!

    Still looking here and elsewhere, but a new card has been tried, formatted several different ways, rebooted the wii,

    Not sure what to do now. any and all help appreciated.

    - I acquired 2 more SD cards since original post. No go on any of them. Have tried tape on the card, the insert and hold trick, formatting with every and any tool available. Still no luck. I guess this is one wii that just won't modded. :-(
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