I recently got a 4.0U Wii and softmodded it with Bannerbomb so that I could run homebrew apps.

However, I wanted to play Monster Hunter Tri online, which requires access to the Japanese Shopping Channel, which has made things a little tricky. First I needed to region change the Wii, which I did successfully with the Trucha bug restorer and the recent 4.1 AnyRegionChanger update, so I now have a 4.1J Wii. That much went fine, and it seems to be working OK.

The problem is, in order to access the Shopping Channel (prior to this my Wii hadn't even gone online) it's telling me I need to accept the EULA and go to the system settings. So I go ahead and do that, and it tells me that in order to accept the EULA, I have to update the Wii first.

Obviously I wasn't going to do this through Nintendo and risk losing my homebrew and/or bricking my Wii so I used WiiSCU to update my Shop channel (and other channels, since most of them didn't work as they weren't for a Japanese Wii)

That also worked fine, and now the weather/news channel work, but there's an additional problem--though the shopping channel is still telling me that I need to accept the EULA, the option to do so is now gone from the system settings! So at the moment I can't accept the EULA to access the Shopping channel at all.

Any idea what I should do from here?