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Thread: Install StartPatch problems

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    Install StartPatch problems

    Hi guys,
    I have a 4.1E softmoded wii, following the WiiHacks instructions to the letter, but I wanted to install StartPatch as I read that it can disable online updates (since the 4.1E version of Priiloader's hacks.ini file does not have that hack) I uninstalled the Priiloader (which was 0.3 rev32, prior to which I disabled all the hacks in its hacks menu).
    Now I go to HBC and start the StartPatch 4.1 PAL but when I confirm the install by pressing A, I get the GetFileStats IFS -101 error or something?
    I downloaded SP4.1.7z file from and I'm choosing the 249 IOS when installing...can any1 plz tell me what am I doing wrong?

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    Getting the same error as well. There was a suggestion that if you had previously had CIOSCorp installed and then uninstalled at a later point (to use the USB Loader) the fact that the uninstaller doesn't do a clean job meant that Startpatch cannot be installed.

    Even after doing a clean restoration using wadmanager multimod it didn't make much of a difference.

    So what else could be causing the issue?

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    startpatch is a fail. I have it on my wii and 3/4 of the stuff doesnt even work. Really the only reason I have it is so I can move the disc channel. Get rid of startpatch.
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