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Thread: Wii Ware hacking

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    most wii game have a update partition and would hold the update. now mario kart should have 3.2 but that is if you have got a real copy or even a backup of a real orgional disk. if you downloaded it from the internet then the iso image might not have the update as this could cause bricks. why not connect through wifi and update to 3.3? are you sure that the other wads are good wads and you see them in the wii channel manu and are you getting any errors when you try to run them?

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    Thanks for the answer. Unfortunatly I cant connect my Wii to internet so I have to find another way to update it.
    What I dont understand is if I really need to update it to play a recent game. I have problems just with Wario Land Shake Jap that is asking me to update before to start. Im going to try to take off the update file from the iso. But does the game need a recent version of the firmware?
    I solved the problem with the wad. I thought I had some region free wad but they were not

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