Firstly apologies if this post is in the wrong section. My problem is that i have neogamma r7 (which i read is meant to stop the error 002 messages) but they still appear sometimes. If i was to enter neogamma (backup loader i think its called) via the homebrew channel then nearly every time it loads the game fine (nsmb does not work for example) but when i load a disc via backup loader as a WAD (a seperate channel) it pretty much never loads the game and i get the error message. this is not game specific though, games that have worked via homebrew for ages still get this error! I am confused please help!

It is neogamma r7 var 4? i have just updated to cios version 14 and deleted version 8. i did put backup loader as a wad before i updated to cios 14 could this be it?

Thanks in advance