Hi im new here, but im an old reader and fan, now im a member

Well i have an Chipped NTSC Wii with Hombebrew channel,as u already notice every installer or application uses the IOS 249 to install the updates and prograns, well i dont know wft happen, no everytime i try to update something or even try to install something via wadmanager , i choose ok in the first screen using the ios 249 to install and my wii freezes. How can i solv this problem? already tried every ios 38rev.whathever there is out there, but i have allways the same problem freezes because i need to use de ios 249.

facts :
Every game runs fine except nsmb
Homebrew channel is installed
The installers and applications launches, but freezes because the ios 249

Any sollution or suggestion is welcome !

Thanx in advance!