Hello there , this is my problem, and im so sad right now.
I was getting problems acessing my wii saves files and channels in the data management, i couldnt even create a save file!! i was playing fine witch gecko usb loader , some games. but that problem was driviing me nuts!
I tryed to format my wii, but it was taking to much , it has blocked. (I Waited over 4 hours) . So i dicided to cancel.
WHen i canceled, i noticed that my homebrew channel was gone!!!
Since i couldnt install homebrew channel, because i couldnt access my save files and channels in the data management,
I have taked the risk and updated my wii to the last update, 4.2 E , and works fine, and i can play original games!... Band hero works fine, now i have somespace, i have created a new save in my band hero and it have saved ,and solved the SAVE problem!!! biggrin.gif BUT, now i still have a problem with my channel data!! frown.gif when i try to access it hangs there! i have tryed to install some demos , downloaded them , but when i try to access, for i can delete or install homebew channel, it stops, hangs .

My wii is now at the 4.2 E , working fine original games, i can acsees save files, but the channels no. (oh and i have duplicated channels for a long time before, is that the problem? because before i could access them fine.