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Thread: TBR installs IOS36 but not IOS37

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    TBR installs IOS36 but not IOS37

    Can't find anybody else with this issue via Google

    I have System Menu 4.0E. Used TBR to downgrade IOS15 and patch IOS36, but when I try to patch IOS37 I get:

    ES_AddTitleStart returned: -1035
    Has your installed IOS37 a higher revision than 3869?
    IOS37 installation failed.

    This happens whether I use IOS15 or IOS36 for the installation. It happens regardless of what patches I choose or whether I choose none at all. The only possible explanation I can think of is that I already tried using RawkSD Patcher before I tried TBR; RSP did not complain at all but RawkSD Installer still fails to install customs.

    EDIT: also tried using Dop-IOS MOD to re-install IOS37 v3869, then TBR again. TBR still fails with the same error.

    Any ideas?
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