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Thread: Twilight Hack, Am i missing something here?

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    Try installing only one WAD, it might be that the Wii is trying to access too much off of your memory card and it's overloading it. Just a thought, might not work though.

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    i think the game is tring to install on ur wii but their is not enough memory on it
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    Quote Originally Posted by MySplifCuz View Post
    Alright im about to do the twighlight hack but no site explaines it good... its like they want us to figure it out on or own and do a shit load of research. well can someone answer a few of my questions?

    1. How do you know what VC game your downloading?

    2. Can you download more then one at a time?

    3. What the hell are Wad files??

    4. Where can i get Contra 3? that game is the shizznit!

    Poor Kid no One answered His Answers
    Ill Give It Try

    1. You Know The Vc Game Ure Downloading From The One Ure Downloading
    Like U Search it On Google Or or something

    2.Yes u Can Via A utorrent or anything that can open torrents

    3. what files are file extension like .iso or .jpeg its just the ending its just a way to compress it

    4. Lol ure on ure own buddy

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