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Thread: Only ios35

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    Sorry yes IOS249 (rev 14) that whats it says in neogamma

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    Thanks for the info; glad to hear IOS36 was the correct choice when HBC reports use of IOS35-that's what I wanted to confirm.

    What IOS249rev14 and NeoGamma bootup establishes is you have correctly installed cIOS38rev14 and there is no need to reinstall or to remove IOS249 and try again. Your installation is fine. So, USB Loader GX-I would try a number of different revisions. One issue to note-if you used a wonky revision to install a game IOS on your HDD, you will; need to re-install it with the new revision of USB Loader GX. Unfortunately, there have been a number of unworkable revisions of USB Loader GX on and off for about 4-6 weeks. The project team changed something in their tool kit and that caused some issues; the other is the programming to accommodate some new games.

    With all the system and homebrew changes on top of new games, it's kind of hard to figure out what to do when problems pop up. Just take your time and keep track of what you are trying and don't delete anything without serious thought. You can also try some of the other USB loaders-there are links at the end of the USB HDD tutorial:

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