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Thread: Corrupt memory card fix help.

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    Download puppy linux and burn and boot to cd. If there is anything on that sd-card you will be able to access it and move it to windows, or anywhere.
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    I did it but there still was none of the data I copied onto the card although it lists as at least having the directory when I boot it in wii linux. Maybe it just can't copy the data from the gc card because it's not compatible?

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    I had been playing Metroid Prime on Gamecube for about a month and was almost completely done with the game when the error message saying that my Metroid memory was corrupt and needed to be deleted. This message was viewed when I was in the game menu, not in the Gamecube menu, just to be clear. What I did was turn my Gamecube off, put the memory card in slot B, turn the Gamecube back on and go into the game. It said that Metroid Prime doesn't use memrory cards in slot B, so i just pulled it out and put it in slot A without exiting the game or turning the Gamecube off, and my game was back. No error message was there anymore. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but somehow it worked for me. It might just be luck, but you might want to try it.

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