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Thread: No Vulnerable IOS found, fix tested on 2 consoles so far

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    That's also off-topic.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I am absolutely puzzled. I am on 4.1U and I need to get this thing working. Can someone please put a step by step guide here?

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    Can't press "1" with Wii controller to continue the Home Brew installation.

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    HBC Upside down

    Hi First i would like to say hello to Tealc I have the utmost respect for you and your posts Not only that with your nickname you must be a avid fan of my Fav SciFi show. Dont know what you think bout the new SGU though? LOL
    anyway im wondering Off Topic so i will get back

    We have had our Wii for near on 2 years and have always been going to do the full hacks but never really dared. I have done the HBC a few weeks ago and that has been running ok Anyway i took the plunge there is that many "How tos" on here and it was a matter of reading which and then sticking to just the one as my Wii is 4.2e menu. anyway i followed the """"
    and all seamed to work I have not tried playing any backups as yet or putting in a USB drive to get it formatted the Wii way. Anyway then i saw the HBC was Upside down. Again i checked for ways to put it right and again there was all different ways to do it. So i was stuk . Knowing me i would brick my Wii just getting the HBC the right way up? I have seen the thing about using the Wad manager to change the ios but not sure how to do that without the aid of a step by step guide. But also seen the Pimp My Wii way where the programme is supposed to go through your Wii and correct various wrongs. So am at a loss.

    Sorry for going on and on and also sounding so dumb in this (im not normally) but i am getting on a bit (dont ask lol) and dont want to brick the Wii.. as the wife has just got into the Wii Fit Plus and using it to lose weight LOL
    Its just that i need a way that is written down to follow to get the HBC back to the right way up??

    Many thanks Andy

    P.S. I just looked at the guide again that i went to the other day and updated my Wii from But its changed for some reason now and dont include these bits. such as the Trucha Bug Restorer. Ouch....Is there any way round this now???

    These are what the instuctions looked like then??

    1. Copy the contents of the pack you downloaded above onto the root of your SD card keeping the folder structure. Overwrite any existing files.

    2. Power on your Wii and go into the Homebrew Channel.

    3. Load Trucha Bug Restorer. Press B to choose No IOS Reload. Wait a few seconds and then press 1 to continue. Choose Downgrade IOS15. When prompted, choose load IOS from SD and press A to continue, follow the prompts and exit when finished.

    4. Load Trucha Bug restorer again and this time press left on the Wii remote until you select IOS15 and Press A. Wait a few seconds and press 1. Choose IOS36 menu. Copy the settings so they are exactly as listed below:

    Install IOS to slot (36)
    Hash check (trucha) YES
    ES_Identity YES
    Nand Permissions YES

    Scroll back up and select install patched IOS36. When asked choose to load IOS from SD. Follow any further prompts and exit when finished.

    5. Load Trucha Bug Restorer yet again, now choose IOS36 and press A. Wait a few seconds and press 1. Choose to restore IOS15. Press A to restore. When Prompted always choose ‘Load IOS from SD’ follow any further prompts and exit when finished.

    If at this point you get a DSI stack error, try powering down your Wii completly and then turning it back on and carrying on from step 4. If the DSI error continues, in the Homebrew channel press the home button and choose to go into the Bootmii menu. From inside Bootmii choose to load the homebrew channel again, and then run Trucha Bug Restorer. You should now be able to follow the step 4 instructions fully.

    6. Run Any Title Deleter MOD from the Homebrew Channel. Choose IOS36 and press A. Go to System Titles and press A. Select the following IOS files one by one and select A to delete them one after the other:


    If any of the above are not listed, check the other system files. If they are still not to be found, do not worry, just ignore and move onto the next one or the next step below, the guide may still work. Press home to exit when finished.

    7. In the Homebrew Channel Run WAD Manager.

    When it opens choose IOS36, Press A to open from SD slot. Install the following WAD files as listed below to your Wii:

    forwarder-UMRD wad

    You are now set for playing backups on your Wii.
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    I can believe I just read that.
    I also don't understand why you posted it in this thread.

    Anyways, reinstall HBC with the hackmii installer.
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    Sorry if this was in the Wrong Thread Its just that i saw questions being asked about the Upside down HBC Sorry and please accept my appoligies. Still I dont know what you meant on Use HackMii to load the HBC again I will have serch for the way on the net For instructions with what you have said use. again sorry for acting dumb..

    Regards Andy

    P.S. should it have said ""carnt believe"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pccfatman View Post
    I don't usually write tutorials, but here goes, and yes I know I can't spell worth a crap

    WARNING - Messing with IOS files on your Wii can brick it, ask questions if you don't know what you are doing BEFORE you do it, wait for replies, don't go off half cocked and try it anyway before someone answers you. That being said.....

    If you have any questions post in this thread, I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible, I am not a Wii Guru and no I don't know everything, this is just a post to help if I can, it comes from my personal experience, yours may differ. I have tried to make this as clear and safe as possible.

    UPDATE 11/02/2009
    Messie says only IOS36 is needed, however this did not work for me, So try IOS36 only first, if it dont work do 30,36, and 61.

    UPDATE 10/18/09
    I ran into the No IOS problem on my 4.1u and was able to get around it by reinstalling only IOS30, IOS36 and IOS61. After that Hackmii installed perfectly and I don't have an upside down HBC running v1.0.6. and I now have a NAND backup (too bad I didnt do this to begin with, guess I shoulda read more before I initially modded my Wii)
    I believe IOS30 is used by the hackmii installer, IOS36 is used by DVDx and IOS61 is used by the HBC

    ShadowSonic2 was nice enough to post this info on those 3 IOS files and what they do (Thanks ShadowSonic2)
    IOS30 is used for Systemmenu 3.2 - If you're on 3.2 then it would be good to have it trucha signed incase you ever get stuck in a situation where you are bannerbricked and need to autoboot a disc"
    IOS36 is used to install some Homebrew apps like preloader
    IOS61 is used by the Wiishop channel.

    I do know that after installing the original versions of these files everything installed and worked fine, re-patching any of these caused my HBC (1.0.6) to be upside down.

    The version numbers of these you need to install may vary depending on your System Menu version. (If I come across any info on what versions should be installed to what System Menu I will update this post with that info)

    I used Dop-IOS to install all 3 files and then restarted the Wii, did bannerbomb/Hackmii and all was good

    Hope this helps, post your results for others to see, good luck

    **Original post deleted, it is unnecessary**
    HackMii suggests using IOS 30 v1040. The HackMii installer looks for all open NON-FAKESIGNED IOSs. For example: If my IOS 30 is plugged but 11 is open, the installer will not install HBC or DVDX and will stick BootMii on IOS 11. But if 20 30 and 36 are open then it will install all three on 36. HackMii selects the most stable of your open IOSs. On mine it's 36, on my brother's it's 20.

    HBC turns upside down when the IOS it was installed on gets modified or the HBC files get altered. So if you install it on IOS 36 v1042 and upgrade the IOS to v3351 HBC flips. Re-install v1042 and it goes back to normal. Hope that gives some insight for those mystified by it.

    So to clarify what Messie is saying, you only need to patch ONE IOS to fix it. For most it will be IOS 36, but it really depends on what one it was installed to.

    dop-IOSmod v12 beta is out and it rocks. It makes it simple to change IOS versions, it dl directly from NUS, has current info, and tells you what relies on each IOS. I highly recommend it. I put LoadMii as my SD boot file so that if HackMii installer sees no vulnerable IOSs I can then fire up dop-IOSmod and drop 30 to v1040. Then you don't have to mess with swapping your boot files and no wad manager.

    P.S. Seeing Sports Resort mentioned in the thread, FYI it will want all IOS from 38 down at current version or will prompt for update. I went through one by one to verify this.

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