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You are missing what we are telling you.

1) Find the cIOSCORP uninstaller.

2) Rename its dol file to boot.dol

3) Set your sd card up for the bannerbomb exploit

4) put the cIOSCORP uninstallers .dol file on your sd card in place of the one you have on their (should be the hackmii suites .elf file)

5) Run bannerbomb

A Popular misconception is that people think bannerbomb puts the HBC on your system. When in fact Bannerbomb is an exploit to run unsigned/hombrew code
Don't laugh, or hit me with something, but I'm getting more and more confused..
When I set my sd card up for the bannerbomb exploit, I just download their zip file which has a folder named "private" and put that folder onto the root of my SD card?

And I extract the cIOSCORP Uninstaller onto my SC card, take the boot.dol out of it's folder and put it onto the root of the card?

And then I pray for the best?

I just want to be sure that I don't screw it up, as it's not my own Wii i'm messing with