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Thread: A few Wii Online questions

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    wii online

    whats going on everyone. i see there a lot of wii online questions and i have a few of my own. I have a modded wii that my cousin gave me a little while back. I was able to play all copy games until punch out came out. I then had my friend softmod my wii which allowed me to play all kind of copied games again.
    my question is just like everyone else about playing online. I'm nervous and i wanted to know which way should i go about playing copied games online? Should i launch them thru disc ch or should i launch them in the wii backup launcher? My other question is i just received the naruto clash of the ninjas 3 and i see that it has a online option, but its telling me that i have to enable the wfc to play. is it safe to enable the wfc on a modded/softmodded? Also I wanted to know if it is possible for me to use the weather ch since my wii has been modded? can i use the wii shop ch, things of that nature. thanks in advance for all of the answers.
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    I have a hardmod system and I have the same question as previous. When I set my wireless up, it seems to connect and then wants to update my system is this ok to do this (I am unable to go anyfurther until I do)? Is there anything I have to watch out for.
    Also Is there anyway that I can add a Harddrive to my system so I can keep all the games on it other then going through the whole softmod and adding everything?


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