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Thread: Need help with hacking LU65.

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    Need help with hacking LU65.

    Hi all, I'm new to the former and the Wii system. I've hacked plenty of other devices via tutorials and from searching online and forums. I did a search on Youtube for hacking the Wii and found a video on a compiled hack with every file in order and step by step instructions from "BLACKbustercritic". The tutorial worked until I reached the step to run the "patchmii", then the Wii froze. I tried it a couple of times with the same results. Then I started to search the internet
    for a reason why this particular hack was freezing at this point and found nothing. I did find this forum and did some searching, to find that this can get pretty confusing with all the different hack methods available. I came across a thread that said that BannerBomb should be installed before doing anything. If anyone can guide me through the hack that I already have from "BLACKbustercritic" that would be awesome. If not, can someone help guide me through a successful hack? Much appreciation in advance for anyone that decides to help. Thanks

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    Have you tried this guide:
    This guide is very good but since you have a LU65 you cannot downgrade or you will get bricked.

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