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Is that loading from disc or from hard drive, this will cover both;
1. Make sure menu is unlocked;
2. Go into settings;
3. Click 002 fix with A button of remote, on/off/anti;
4. Anti is the one you want.
Not too sure what you mean by this but this is how Ive set Neogamma up

Config Options
Hook Type = None
Ocarina on = No
Anti 002 Fix = Yes
Altern. .Dol = No
Save Config = Yes

Region Options
Boot Lang = Auto Force
Force Video = Disc
Patch Video = No
Vidtv Patch = No
Patch Country Str = Yes

At the bottom of the menu, it says Neogamma R6, IOS249 (rev 14)

Do I need to alter any of thise settings???