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Thread: install NeoGammaR6HBC help plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivion666 View Post
    cheers just download rev14, can u tell me where on my card it should go, should i remove cIOS36 rev7 folder from cios installer on my card
    If you look in the installer folder you will see that there is a boot.dol file in it, so, like the other install folders, copy the cIOS38 rev14 installer folder to the apps folder on your SD card, then put Sd card in Wii and run homebrew channel. You will have to do the network install from the internet for now, unless you have a copy of the IOS38-64-v3610 file that goes on the root of the SD card, the one that is included (IOS38-64-v3609) is incorrect. The IOS38-64-3610 allows you to install any version of cIOS38 as a wad install, for those without internet connected Wii's. I'm sure that dogeggs will update with the right wad install file tomorrow.

    Yes, remove the cIOS36 rev7 folder, probably will not use that.
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