Gonna be honest with ya here, it's been a while, and i'm tired and lazy so I'm not gonna google it up.

But I'd try a different wad, if you can find it. I know back when I was copying some wiiware for the first time I was getting some error, honestly forget what it was, but the short of it is it meant Wad Manager couldn't read the whole file properly. Which seemed weird as it'd get a ways through before giving me it. Anyway, i deleted the wad, re-downloaded/copied it to my sdcard and then wad manager installed it fine.

If you have those ios's installed you have everything needed to run wiiware. You're also, if your sig is right, on 3.2 so you shouldn't need any special fixes (afaik).

I'd go with erasing it off, finding a different wad if you can, and have firefox or IE or whatever you use save it directly to your SDCard.