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Thread: Update Homebrew

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanb9595 View Post
    The new homebrew 1.0.3 can cause problems.... it did to my friends wii and i had to re-install homebrew 1.0.1 S
    same thing happened to me as well and i had to reinstall hbc. as far as i can see, theres no difference wrt the apps that hbc runs
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    Quote Originally Posted by casieispretty View Post
    Don't do it. Actually, the reason I'm on here is because my Homebrew Channel isn't working after I updated, and I'm looking for help. I got the same message as you did, updated and it said the installation was successful. However, when I tried to reset the Wii, it went to a black screen and I had to hold the power button in on the Wii until it shutdown. Now, whenever I try to launch The Homebrew Channel, it's goes straight to the black screen and I have to hold in the power button to shutdown.

    So, how do I uninstall this Homebrew Channel and reinstall my old Homebrew Channel that actually worked?
    just uninstall the homebrew channel in option's and re-install 1.0.1 they way u did before (via twilight hack or bannerbomb)

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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