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Thread: Need help choosing a hard drive (usb powered vs external power)

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    I would always go with external power. The USB ports on the Wii only just have enough juice to power a hard drive, this make the power supply work harder and therefore run hotter a more prone to burn out. Whilst this may be fine for testing purposes, for long time gaming it will kill your Wii.

    I have tried with success

    500gb Seagate Freeagent
    1Tb Seagate Freeagent

    And am currently using a 500Gb seagate 3.5" drive in a Allcam Drive Dock. Its one of those external docking stations that you slot an SATA drive in the top. It has Esata and USB connections, when I conect it to the Wii I use USB, but in the PC I use Esata because it handles data at 3Gbp/s (USB is 480Mbp/s) so makes putting games on the drive way faster on the PC than a USB connection.
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    the heating issues is why i only use usb loader to rip games to put on a disk (wiihttpd takes waaay too long)

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