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Thread: usb loader 1.4 HELP PLEASE

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    the cios 36 rev 9 was not installeed properley so i installed that via the network and bingo i was good to go

    hope that answers your questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    again, the noobs are waiting.........
    Hi Noobs

    I had similar issues after updating to 4.0e with Waninkoko's awesome firmware updater.

    I was getting the -6 error and it turns out that the update caused either a corruption or outright replacement of the modified CIOS that the loader uses.

    The Latest revision (9 at this writing) can be found on waninkoko's blog. you will also have to get the original wad for patching but waninkoko's instructions are very clear and i'm sure even noobs can google the file name I found it on rapidshare and once installed the loader works flawlessly.

    My advice is read the instructions that come with the loader they DO say what prerequisites it requires and then get the patcher from the same blog and read those instructions which will again tell you what to look for.



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