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ok i just got 1.2 and it working now weird but ya one last question do u know where i could get a installer for 1.2 i want a channel of it on my main menu

ps thanx for everything Chaos Punk
what alot of people are doing now instead of making wad files for installing these programs becaue their being updated so often right now is using a channel forwarder...its a wad file and you install it through wad manager..

what you do and this depends on how the forwarder is set up, one forwarder i had you had to make a folder in apps that was USB_loader put your boot file in there then install the channel forwarder through wad manager..this would then put a channel on ur wii that would forward to the apps folder and open that program, so basically you could put any boot file in there but most people using them for this usb loader because its being updated so frequently

another forwader i had you had to have a folder in apps called usbloader with out the dash...so when you download the forwarder just make sure how you are suppose to label the folder in apps