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Thread: Connect Internet With Preloader?

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    Hey just wanted to give an update, I never fixed my wii An offline downgrade scares the shiznit out of me, I'm not really not sure what wads I've installed so I'm a lil scared of bricking my wii with a offline downgrade.I tried looking for the system menu on the net but its almost like in never existed. I do appreciate all your help though. Sorry to waste your time.
    On the bright side this seems like a really cool forum so I'll stick around.
    Take it ez.

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    if u use cios downgrader / any region changer you can downgrade ur wii to 3.2U and go with a fresh start. All the ios will be gone but ur backup channels and stuff will still be there note.
    if u downgrade you have to install the respective ios to get things to work
    like for the wii backup loader they use ios_249

    and no problems man we all have our beginning moments i've started on the wii hacking only months ago but i'm still not a professional i just do this for testing :P

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