I read in the savemii forums that the update in some cases won't result.

But is possible to do un update with WUM-1.2-win (wii update manager).
You need a modchip to read the dvd with update.

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ok ok ^^' sorry if I'm asking childish questions,

I thought that I've answered what you're asked in the previous post.

but sticking to the topic,
I've read about SaveMeFrii -
I can get a gamecube controller - it's not a problem.
but a question - I need to "open it" to be able to press all four directions right?

and You're saying that doing it will boot up a dvd insterted in the drive?

but for example If I put a game with 3.4E update into it, will it install this soft (suposedly that i had soft 3.3 or lower, because I can't even check it for now

and everything should be fine?

or I need to make this dvd with game an "autoboot dvd"?

or I can use a dvd installer of Homebrew Channel? (something I've found on the hbc website)

and last question,

what were you saying about "rebooting" console after taking out the chip?
simply powering it on? or some other method?