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Thread: DriveKey problems or just me ?

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    DriveKey problems or just me ?

    I have bought the Drivekey. ModNet AS - Drivekey Modchip for Wii *100% Loddefri*
    Every thing works, but not the games i DL. When i put in a DvD +R with a game i have DL, the screen say " an error has occured. press the eject button and remove the disc +++." Im using ImgBurn and Nero. In my DriverKey menu i got "SW version 1.0 and FPGA versin 1.0" can i update them by DVD, enybody got a site for this ?. I have allso read that DvD+ is no good, and i should try DvD- instad, is that correct? I dont have any DVD- but 200 DVD+
    Btw. Orginale games works perfect.

    Can enybody plz help a Wii mod NooB

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    DVD - R is the Wii's preferred disk, BUT if you want to persist with DVD + R then you must set the booktype to DVD - ROM

    If you have Nero then you will already have "Nero's cd-dvd speed" (if not download it )

    Open the "Nero cd - dvd speed" application

    Select your burner's speed from the drop down box

    Click on Extras in the toolbar then click on bitsetting

    Use the drop down boxes to select DVD - ROM

    Make sure the "Default" boxes are ticked and close the application

    Try another Disk and if it doesn't work.......... Buy some DVD-R's
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    Thanks for your understanding

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    am ImgBurn supporter. u do it at 4X or below. shutdown all other applications in PC, when burning ur dvd-r. set Verify, if u want to. hv sufficient hdd free space to faciliate r/w buffer.... all leads u to success.
    i did dvd-r and dvd+r, all ok. dvd-r preferred!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It works

    Thank you poster.

    I tryed to set up my dvd burner to manage DVD +r i did not work, so i bought som DVD -r, and it worked. Now im playing games, burned games. And im haveing lots of fun

    Have a nice weekend im gonna have it
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