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Thread: Wii runs divx compressed movies?

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    Also i forgot to say i'd often sit playing games into the early hours of the morning could be on for 20hrs straight so doing so in going to shizzle my laser sending it to lazer heaven or hell with the things i'll be watching i will have fo chillax on the gameplay thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    - If you're worried about your lazor then you can always copy your movies onto a usb/sd and watch them off there, they still play back real nice and i don't think it does your dvd drive much good being on for 2 hours tbh
    Is it necessary to have DVDX installed if you only want to play off of SD/USB.
    I cannot see any reason for me in the near future to need to read off disk, I have my ps3 for that.

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    you only need dvdx for dvd reading so it will work ok off usb/sd without it.

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