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Thanks for all of the help guys...I THINK it was the medium...I must have a picky dvd drive.

I reformatted my system memory and started from scratch, still with no luck it seemed. I then borrowed a few blank dvd-rs from a buddy, generic unmarked blanks from newegg, 4-16x type. Worked perfect right off the bat. Then I found two old Riteks from way back that I always used for my xbox backups. Also worked perfect!

I have to say though, even these ONLY worked in wiigator gamma .3, one with the options menu. The other 3 I tried I don't even know what they were besides softchip loader. Gamma rules, Yo Gamma Gamma!
i bet it was... i had verbitume dvd's and they didn't work "tried 2 different brands +R and -R and they didn't work then bought cheap kodak dvd-r and worked like a charm all ov my backups have worked so far