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Thread: Help with adding games to my hard drive?

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    Help with adding games to my hard drive?

    So, I have gottn a lot of help from everyone on here so far. I have done the softmod, I just got my sd card with the apps on it working (thanks to nightstah), and now I am at the step just to add the games to my harddrive stick. I have two kinds of games. Regular ones, with the cd art on them from the store that I want to somehow add to the harddrive. And a few games on burned dvd's, however my old wii was white which read the games. Mine currently is black which I read online is unable to read burned DVDs.

    I have WBFS manager on my laptop. Also partition manager which made me mad by taking ownership power of my Harddrive so I was unable to format it except in partition mgr. I have all the tools just need the steps to convert the files to usb, then which app to use to "install" or play or mount the game.

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    We do not recommend WBFS. FAT32 is the preferred way to go since it allows the most uses, but some people also like using NTFS.

    We have guides for both FAT32 and NTFS, both are linked in my signature.

    It will help you with your legitimate game disks. If you don't have the original disk of your backups, we consider that piracy and won't assist in that.

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