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Thread: Lanch channels from SD card?

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    True that. I plan to wait too (for the exact reasons you stated) Though on a completely different note if we COULD take the decrypted dumps, then some more hacks could potentially come from using modified versions of official channels. It would be harder for Nintendo to block that methinks. In other words, I'm saying once nintendo tries to bloack homebrew again, maybe this route could prove fruitful for a new workaround. I am not sure how the homebrew channel was possible... maybe through exactly what I said, in which case I am being redundant and completely not helping the real hackers at all :P

    ah well, I tried.

    Is there a set release date for the next update that will include SD loading?
    EDIT: never mind, discovered the expected time is spring 2009.
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    they never blocked homebrew o.x
    they disabled a few programs Via a IOS
    and they disabled the Twilight hack

    homebrew was unaffected for the most part

    if you really care look into it more -.- i dont want to play Textbook nintendo will release it when they do =\

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