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Thread: New Wii Disney Infinity game won't play on HB or Disk, error appears

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    Llaffer is exactly right, none of the staff has this title as far as I'm aware. I may get it at some point for my kids, but it's going to be a bit... have other expenses to tend to right now. At $75 for the starter pack, this a more expensive Wii title than most.

    In any case, it should still play off the original disc w/o issue, having it run shouldn't be a problem -- I think most loaders include a way to launch "disc in drive" title.

    So to do what we would do, you can, in your loader, select each cIOS in turn (202, 222, 223, 224, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251) and try each one. I suspect that it will likely be one of the 22x series, so try them first. Report back with each individual cIOS and what happened.


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    Hi and thanks for your help.

    The disc in my Wii is not working, could anybody tell me for sure that it works with the disc. I will buy a nonmoded wii for it.

    Could you please acknowledge that it will work with the disc?


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    I believe that BP has gotten it working from USB via CFG USB Loader and setting the cIOS to "AUTO" for the game settings.

    It should be working off the game disk on a clean system. If it isn't for you, then maybe your IOSs are messed up from a previous mod and you should remod your system to clean that up. The IOSs our guide uses are the same ones you'd see in a clean system. If you want to post a syscheck, we can check that for you before you do anything.

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