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Thread: Homebrew install issue - Buzzing madness!!

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    Homebrew install issue - Buzzing madness!!

    hi all,

    just soft hacked my 3rd wii.. this time a red 4.3e version.

    homebrew channel installed no worries, but then went to install browser after it does all the on screen stuff (detect usb/ detect SD card etc....) the screen goes black for 20 seconds then starts a loud buzzing (out the tv speakers) and i have to pull the power cable.

    I've done this a few times and think i know what i'm doing, but this has done me, I've tried re-installing homebrew , and all that, and 3 times its "buzzed out" on me...

    anyone know this error/or a fix etc?

    any help greatly appreciated.

    update - realised i'd not got latest browser version (was using 3.7) now got 3.9e.. will try again.
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    Being you appear to be a long-time member, I presume you followed this guide in terms of the actual softmod --- would that be correct? If so, tell ya what... do a SysCheck as a reply to this thread --- instructions on how to do one (if you're unfamiliar) can be found here.

    Use the "edit" button please, do not make a bunch of posts in a row (this is spelled out in the forum rules).


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