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Thread: Problems trying to forward ISOs

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    Thank you so much. I was just exhausted and didn't even realize that I might have to do that. I had it previously separated into a WBFS partition and a Fat32. I dont know how that could hurt it but I'll try again. Thanks for the patience, really.

    Update... did everything from scratch step by step While it finally sees the file, both the backup of my WBFS game and the wad just hang at a black screen then the system reboots

    Update 2: Ok, I did some experimenting after searching for causes of black screens. One was HD compatibility, so i moved all the files over to a USB, and they worked fine (damn it!). I tested the HD with USB LoaderGX and it works fine, but when loading through WiiFlow games just don't load. (wad and WBFS, they show, but load to a stuck loading bar) Found this but seems to have it's own issues maybe. I may start another thread if run into issues there. For now I'll keep this one open in hopes it is just an odd minor problem I am missing with wiiflow.

    Seems USB Loader GX is just better and more reliable than WiiFlow... I may just give up on trying to get this stuff to work and try an emu Nand with USB Loader GX. Problem is, as soon as I do that, it doesn't detect it unless I make it from the USB Loader GX directly, and when that happens duplicates of everything show up! So frustrating... I don't suppose you know of a guide that explains how to do this with USB Loader GX instead, I'm going to search the forums for that.

    Update 3 USB Loader Attempt: Ok, everything installed with USB Loader, and WBFS works... wad file even shows. However, the wad crashes to Homebrew channel when I try to run it. Oddly enough, of the three wad files I have it will only show the most RECENT one, which will then crash if loaded. Others do not show. No idea what is going on. I was so close!!!

    Again, thanks a ton for your help and patience. It isn't working yet, but you got me 6 steps ahead of where i would have been. Hopefully I can help someone else with problems like this in the future to keep "the karma going."
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