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Thread: Recently installed WiiSX, few HDD questions

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    Well, I got the DIOS MIOS v2.2 and installed it, I assume it overwrote my DML, but I run into the same problem as before. I get a different splash screen than before when I try to start up a GCN game, so I know the install worked... but I just don't know what's up. Anyway, I won't bother you anymore with that problem when I go to the DM thread as you pointed out. Especially since now my Wii games won't load as well. :/

    As for the WiiSX problem, you hit the nail on the head! Just tried out the new version and it worked like a charm... and I didn't think about messing with Wii64, but thanks for including that as well.

    Again, I appreciate all your help! Now to just figure out this DIOS MIOS problem...
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