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Thread: Noob needs help

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    Noob needs help

    I'm trying to learn all about the Homebrews and wii mods I've read alot but can't find any info on how to install all of it and I don't even know what or where to start no one is offering help..... please someone help I know I have to download to computer or laptop but after that it don't say what else to do so what should be the first thing I install on my wii with instructions please then 2nd ,3rd and 4th etc thanks for any help if someone does help


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    You posted earlier Approximately four (4) minutes, or 240 seconds after you posted, I replied, giving you a starting point. The guides are well written, but we're not going to spoon feed you

    Starting off here by flaming everyone is not a good idea.
    Go back to your other post and start reading.

    I'm closing this post as it adds nothing.


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