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Thread: All Wii backups don't work in any loader.

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    Yes, I know a disc doesn't need to be in the drive, thank you. My question is does there need to be a drive. My first post in this thread would be wrong if the drive is not necessary, and if I am wrong I like being corrected. Pursuit of truth, and all...

    Sorry, I realize it doesn't say DVD drive in that last question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt1tude84 View Post
    I've been using pimp my wii for years and its working perfect for me. And that makes no sense, my drive was fked a year ago and i was still able to use my hdd.
    There at least has to be a working logic board. Your drive may have been not working, but if it is just the laser or motor, usb loading still works.

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    Man I've had terrible experiences with Pimp my Wii. There were people replying to my ad on Craigslist saying that some other guy modified their consoles and got incredibly screwed up. Did some research and found the guy doing the service, and he was using Pimp My Wii. So I had to correct all his problems for people who actually wanted it modded the right way. -_-

    Aside from that. So my issue lies with a bad logic board perhaps? I tried connecting the drive again today and it didn't read of course. But when I power on the Wii it makes an insanely long sound of the drive motor spinning. Guessing that's something to do with the logic board lol.

    Again I've never had a problem with Mauifrog's guide in regards to Cios tickets and such. Which is why this perplexed me to no end haha. I might as well just get another Wii since you can get one for like 40 bucks on CL

    Thanks for all your help guys. I truly appreciate it!

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